jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008

(to boy or not to boy)

My relationship with jeans has always been a tricky one. Having been a tomboy through my childhood and most of my teenage years, it was impossible not to find me in denim on any ocassion. As I grew up, I started to fall in love with skirts, dresses, cute shoes, lace, hair accesories and granny cardings - and the tomboy in me started to fade away in the past. 
The last few years I was known as the girl-who-was-always-in-a-dress and whenever I told someone that I used to be a tomboy growing up, they wouldn't believe me. Although my attitude has never been that of a girly-girl (I've always been a guys-kind of gal), my looks suggested otherwise. The few times I've worn jeans in the last years, everyone felt the need to comment. It was such a rare ocassion.
This changed about a year ago when I found the perfect pair of skinnies. Comfortable and flattering. Yet, when I started seeing photos of the boyfriend jeans trend on the Internet I was a bit hesitant. The tomboy in me loved me, yet I wasn't sure if I'd be able to wear it after so many years in skirt and dresses - would I feel like me?

I eventually decided to give it a try.

But what do you do when your boy (the boyfriend status is still at question - I am known for my commitment phobic personality....) loves brightly coloured skinnies? Well - the answer is easy, you turn to the brother-jeans. 



I decided to go all for the ultra-relaxed look, wearing it with wooden sandals I got as a gift from Japan and a purple fabric bag I once bough from some hippie backpacker. So, what do you think? I've read some people complain about the unpolished look the boyfriend (brother) jeans give you, but I've got to say, that's exactly what I like.

Currently listening to: Yelle - Ce Jeu

I might be gone for a week as finals are only a few days ago. I'll let you all know. xx

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muchlove dijo...

Thank you for the lovely comment!

I've become more of a skirts-and-dresses girl myself, mainly because I just can't find a great pair of jeans. Those jeans look terrific on you. I may have to borrow my brother's jeans too and try out this look!

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Those jeans look so comfy! People always comment when I wear pants too...it's actually kind of annoying.
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Hippiegirl dijo...

oh what a wonderful outfit!
i looove your jeans!!!

Anónimo dijo...

What camera do you use?

Jimena dijo...

hi - i use the canon powershot sx110 with 9 MP, you can find it here


its a great camera, I'd recommend. A step up from the traditional point and shoot but still compact and easy to manage and carry around. All of my photographer friends fall in love with it as soon as they use it!

Romeika dijo...

You're rocking these b/f jeans, you look so comfy in these sandals.. cute pics! kiss -x-

Anónimo dijo...

those boyfriend jeans look so comfy! =) they totally give off a relaxed, comfortable, confident look on you... you're always so happy in photos! =D

PoIsOn MaRy dijo...

hola ..tus jeans estan cheveres!
supe de tu blog por el de elin de suecia ... y me encanta que alguien mas este en esto!!!

Divinity Avenue dijo...

I was skirt/dress phobic for ... okay 99% of my life to this point. So now I am trying really hard to wear skirts more, and I really do love them. But, man, a good pair of jeans is to die for.

Outi dijo...

Hello Jimena,

Thank you for the comments left to my blog. It was a while ago, but I have not been blogging in a while, so I have not thanked you earlier. :)

I remember, I think it is you at least, you had a blog before as well? I enjoyed your everyday ponderings. I think the world is a tricky place... And we are tricky things, us people.

I noticed on your profile, you had listed couple of things I like very much too. I have planned to take up origami and like sushi too, and other Japanese things... It is a current fad of mine, I guess.
Also, Bob Dylan... He is such a poet in my opinion, and someone, who seemed to live life quite maniacilly, which to me seems the only way worth aspiring to live...?


Mila dijo...

Yeah! To BOY, definitely! ;)
You look amazing...


Procrastina al día dijo...

ay me fascina tus jeans !

y tu novio el cactus esta pidiendo atención a gritoooos!

pd. no fuiste a la fiesta peteypete :(
salio de ptm

un beso jime.

pd2. siempre tan linda :)

Fashion Is Poison dijo...

love the smile ;)

Rita dijo...

The "brother jeans" hehehe. I've done that! And I feel you immensely, I've been a tomboy for the most part, so after becoming more girly-ish, going back to the original boyish roots seems a tad strange. You look great, though!

Nice blog :D

Betsey dijo...

i really, really love these jeans! so comfy and cute looking! love your blog btw!