jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008

(to boy or not to boy)

My relationship with jeans has always been a tricky one. Having been a tomboy through my childhood and most of my teenage years, it was impossible not to find me in denim on any ocassion. As I grew up, I started to fall in love with skirts, dresses, cute shoes, lace, hair accesories and granny cardings - and the tomboy in me started to fade away in the past. 
The last few years I was known as the girl-who-was-always-in-a-dress and whenever I told someone that I used to be a tomboy growing up, they wouldn't believe me. Although my attitude has never been that of a girly-girl (I've always been a guys-kind of gal), my looks suggested otherwise. The few times I've worn jeans in the last years, everyone felt the need to comment. It was such a rare ocassion.
This changed about a year ago when I found the perfect pair of skinnies. Comfortable and flattering. Yet, when I started seeing photos of the boyfriend jeans trend on the Internet I was a bit hesitant. The tomboy in me loved me, yet I wasn't sure if I'd be able to wear it after so many years in skirt and dresses - would I feel like me?

I eventually decided to give it a try.

But what do you do when your boy (the boyfriend status is still at question - I am known for my commitment phobic personality....) loves brightly coloured skinnies? Well - the answer is easy, you turn to the brother-jeans. 



I decided to go all for the ultra-relaxed look, wearing it with wooden sandals I got as a gift from Japan and a purple fabric bag I once bough from some hippie backpacker. So, what do you think? I've read some people complain about the unpolished look the boyfriend (brother) jeans give you, but I've got to say, that's exactly what I like.

Currently listening to: Yelle - Ce Jeu

I might be gone for a week as finals are only a few days ago. I'll let you all know. xx

lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

(a weekend at the beach)

For the weekend I decided to head up North to a lovely town next to the border with Ecuador. The 20-hour bus ride was worth it. 

We met this great couple from Argentina, Gustavo and Analia. They were married last year and have spent the last 6 months travelling in a 1970's car with the dog Chuni. They've already travelled through Bolivia and Peru, and they were just about to cross the border with Ecuador. Can you imagine a more romantic way to spend your honeymoon? 
Boy was thrilled to run into fellow Argentineans. It's funny how every country in South America has such a strong identity. I could see them cracking jokes and laughing at things I would never fully understand. 

Boy and Gustavo. Gustavo looks mean here. He really wasn't. 

My life needs more brightly coloured quirky doors. 

He cooked us dinner for about 60 cents each. It was good. And spicy. 

I took photos of boy while he was asleep

Gustavo had been a hairdresser in Buenos Aires all his life. Boy got a mohawk. It was such a wonderfully bizarre image. Getting a haircut right between a 70's car and a mototaxi (our own variety of ricshaws) while drinking Argentinean mate with 7up under the sun. Priceless.

They convinced me to get a haircut too. 

And then customers just started appearing. They would exchange a haircut for a beer, a sandwich or a package of cigarrettes. Gustavo was thrilled. 

How was your weekend? 

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

christina rosenvinge

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only, Christina Rosenvinge.

lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008


Today I wore this H&M sweater. I wish the rest of the outfit was worthwhile showing, but it was just a pair of jeans and my electric blue Converse. Sometimes it's just nice to take it easy. 
I had been experiencing a serious writer's block for quite some time now. I think I'm finally begining to shake it off. The only weird thing is that I've always written fiction and today, without really meaning to, I wrote some poetry. I'm still trying to figure out if there's maybe a way I can fit what I wrote into a yet unwritten piece of fiction, poetry has never really been my thing....
Oh... I really really like this sweater by the way. It's my mother's. 

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miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008

(green grass)

this cibelle video is absolutely beautiful.

martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008


This is the loveliest josefa. she's the best friend you could ever hope for. 
She's starting a semester abroad (in Colombia) this January, so we are spending a lot of time together before that.
Yesterday she wore her rollerblades and I rode my bike. Afterwards we had a picnic under the spring sun. 

lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

(neighbour to neighbour)

Anyone who knows me in my day to day life (that is, outside of this blog) knows I never keep my mouth shut in the face of controversy. If I disagree with something I'll be the first one to say it aloud and to anyone's face...
However, this blog was like my own private and silent room. I told myself I would rant here about issues that frustrated me, annoyed me or made me angry. This blog was going to be the place where everything went just the way I wanted it to go.

Having said that.... there are two things I can't be quiet about.

1). Congratulations America on choosing your new president. Be proud of yourself, you've made a courageous and brave decision that the rest of the world applaudes. I was with friends that cried when Obama's victory was announced. Here, in Peru. That is how happy we all are - Things have been wrong for way too long. Nevertheless, such a great event took the attention away from a very important issue. 
Proposition 8 - How can it be that on the same day that people chose a president that represents equality, they take away basic rights from citizens that deserve them just as much as anyone? 
I cried that day too. I cried out of excitment for the changes to come and I cried out of rage. Intolerance and discrimination shouldn't win a battle the same day that equality does.
I don't want to tell anyone what to do or think - if you agreed with Proposition 8, then it is not my place to judge and I certainly don't want to stir up a fight here. But if you disagree with it, then don't stop fighting for what you think is right and fair. I am certain there will be one day when we'll look back on this moment with shame. 

2). I know others have already written about this post by Susie Bubble, but I'll do it too. I'm not a regular reader of her blog, although I do like to take a look and read her posts once in a while. 
Living on a country like Peru - where the day to day outfit are jeans, sneakers and a Roxy sweater, discovering the fashion blogging community was a big relief for me. I get strange stares everyday, if not pretty annoying remarks based on the way I dress and look.
And trust me - I don't dress half as risky as some of the girls I admire the most from the blogosphere. 
This should be a place where we can be comfortable in our own skin - I won't say more on this subject, but please, let's not turn this community into a new place where we have to protect ourselves. If you don't like someone's outfit or style, and are too insecure to recognize and appreciate someone else's individuality, please leave and go visit the Abercrombie and Fitch webpage. 

Well... Enough said. This is what I wore today. I'm sorry for the silly look on my face, photos were taken at 7 am.
The sweater belong to my great grandmother who recently passed away... (she was 100 years old!!) - It's one of my favourites. I swear she was one of the best dressed women I've seen in my entire life. 

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

(life inside the music box ain't easy)

I got this grey shirt from a cute chain-smoking boy I've been spending the last few weeks with. 
I've now got my eye set on a pair of H&M pink trousers that he owns. 
Skinny boys with style rock. 

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008

(i knitted this today)

I finished knitting this today. I had had the yarn for ages but felt it was a bit too colorful and that a big garment (such as a sweater), would look a bit too... rainbow child for my taste. 
A cowl was a good idea.
Unfortunately for my new cowl (but great for me), spring seems to be starting for real. Oh well, I guess I'll wait until next year to take it outside. 

(ye rin mok photography)

(i wish i understood boys... but as each day passes the more I realize I don't)
Update: I now like boys (boy) again.

domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008


I've never really been the kind of person that celebrates specific dates (such as Christmas, Halloween or New Year). On the contrary, I've sometimes spent New Year's eve in bed, enjoying a movie I had been meaning to watch for a long time and then partied until the sun rose only a few days later.
This halloween, however, was fun. We all dressed in costumes and went to a slightly underground party at an art gallery. There was life music, two floors with djs with different styles and a roof terrace. 
Someone asked me whether I was dressed as one of the CocoRosie girls. I have to admit that although I hadn't thought about it, I really liked the idea.