lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

(a weekend at the beach)

For the weekend I decided to head up North to a lovely town next to the border with Ecuador. The 20-hour bus ride was worth it. 

We met this great couple from Argentina, Gustavo and Analia. They were married last year and have spent the last 6 months travelling in a 1970's car with the dog Chuni. They've already travelled through Bolivia and Peru, and they were just about to cross the border with Ecuador. Can you imagine a more romantic way to spend your honeymoon? 
Boy was thrilled to run into fellow Argentineans. It's funny how every country in South America has such a strong identity. I could see them cracking jokes and laughing at things I would never fully understand. 

Boy and Gustavo. Gustavo looks mean here. He really wasn't. 

My life needs more brightly coloured quirky doors. 

He cooked us dinner for about 60 cents each. It was good. And spicy. 

I took photos of boy while he was asleep

Gustavo had been a hairdresser in Buenos Aires all his life. Boy got a mohawk. It was such a wonderfully bizarre image. Getting a haircut right between a 70's car and a mototaxi (our own variety of ricshaws) while drinking Argentinean mate with 7up under the sun. Priceless.

They convinced me to get a haircut too. 

And then customers just started appearing. They would exchange a haircut for a beer, a sandwich or a package of cigarrettes. Gustavo was thrilled. 

How was your weekend? 

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MOLLY GRAY dijo...

im so jealouse! what a great trip.. and yeah we argentinians are like that, we laught all the time, we are very quite special and we always travel with a mate. i didn't know about the 7up, im gonna try it. great images-

B.B. dijo...

As always, you have a knack for appreciating and presenting detail. Great trip, great photography.

Also, The Selby was in the newspaper the other day up here:

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Wow. Your trip looks and sounds amazing. That couple is awesome!
I just spent 4 days in Budapest--loved every minute.

Anónimo dijo...

Great pictures! What camera do you use?

Hippiegirl dijo...

oh these pictures are so beautiful, just very special!

SOS! dijo...

Weekend looks amazing!

syd vicious dijo...

That's so cool!

Windy Days dijo...

There's so much colour and life in these photographs! It seems like you live in an amazing place...

coco dijo...

These pictures are amazing. And the dog is so cute.

Patagonia Mum with Baby dijo...

love to travel and meet people that just click and crazy things that one does on one's travel means memories forever.

Betsey dijo...

these photos are simply lovely!