jueves, 18 de junio de 2009

(as things begin to calm a bit)

...I begin to play with my camera again. Yup. Just me. Having fun. Because I love to do things I don't have to do whenever there are other things I really need to get done. 


viernes, 12 de junio de 2009


Dear friends and readers of this blog,

 This blog is going on indefinite hiatus. This makes me terribly sad as I was truly enjoying blogging. However, it seems like a trivial activity to conduct, considering the current situation of my country.

 A week ago, the military attacked a peaceful protest in the Amazon Jungle, using lethal weapons against the native population. Both indigenous and policemen were killed. The media is only showing one side of the story, manipulating and controlling the masses in a shameful way. Tribal leaders report over 50 of their people killed, the government only acknowledges 5. There are constant reports of military burning and throwing the bodies of the natives' dead bodies into the river to hide them. Policemen were tortured and killed, after our President sent them to attack protesters that had been waiting for a peaceful resolution for months. Yesterday, thousands of people in Lima went out protesting, in what was the largest manifestation since the fall of Alberto Fujimori, the dictator, a decade ago. I went with friends from my university, we were peaceful and organized but were attacked with tear gas. The police hit some of my friends, in an attempt to create chaos and confusion. 

For all the previously stated reasons, this blog is on indefinite hiatus. I wish you all well and will come back one this is calmer, Love, J. 

You can read more on the DemocracyNow webpage: http://www.democracynow.org/2009/6/8/peruvian_police_accused_of_massacring_indigenous