domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

(life inside the music box ain't easy)

I got this grey shirt from a cute chain-smoking boy I've been spending the last few weeks with. 
I've now got my eye set on a pair of H&M pink trousers that he owns. 
Skinny boys with style rock. 

6 comentarios:

saray dijo...

This shirt look great! you can wear it with everything

Aisha dijo...

Los polosm grises son lo mejordelomejor. Me gustan incluso más que los blancos. Qué buen amigo tienes, Jime. Ahora solo te falta convencerlo de los pantalones rosa :D

la mode est dans le ciel dijo...

that shirt is snuggle-worthy.

Hippiegirl dijo...

oh i like your blog :)
maybe we can link each other?
thanks for your comment :)

Anónimo dijo...

i love grey shirts, they seem to go with anything - seems like you can wear that as a dress too, right?

jamesforlife dijo...

"Skinny boys with style rock."

Why thank you. You rock too! lol