domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

(those dancing days)

( Last couple of weeks have been crazy. Finals and end of term essays (I'm not done yet) - Boy having apendicitis and going under emergency surgery and on Friday my birthday. I can't believe I'm 22 already.
I promise to post more soon - in the meantime, here are some birthday pics. I hope everyone is doing alright, I can't wait to start blogging for real again. )

4 comentarios:

Hippiegirl dijo...

those pictures are so beautiful again! i love the way you take these photos! great!

Mila dijo...

Love those pictures, it looks like so much fun!

Love dear,


tis serendipity dijo...

happy belated birthday! are you alright now after the operation? that must've been a terrible experience... my mum had an appendicitis too and she had a hard time post-operatively. Do take care of yourself! =)

Aisha dijo...

Qué divertidas fotos, Jime!