sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

(la jirafa)

If there is one music genre I'm not really a fan of, is reggaeton
There is, however, a musician that never ceases to amaze me. Original, irreverent and constantly pushing the limits of convention, Calle 13 is great. I read this great post on one of his songs, La Jirafa, and decided it would be fun to share it. 
This song has been played here for the last couple of years, but I'm guessing there's a big chance you haven't had the chance to listen to it yet.
I won't write much on the song as you can read this great post by reggaetonica

The imagery of the lyrics is beautiful - I'll post here the translation (via reggaetonica).

Plant your feet like two roots
with that swing
you'll probably cast a spell on me
So I don't step of you,
Mamita, with caution
Flutter the cloth
in your grandmother's name

My little cinamon
My little sugar
My pretty Sara (Linda Sara is the name of an acclaimed 1994 Puerto Rican movie)
My hurricane-like storm
My Sait Clare (Santa Clara was a hurricane the hit PR in 1956)
I'm not gonna let anything weird step on you
I'm gonna light the candles so nothing happens to you
There are no knives or guns here
There's only
a lot a lot alot of cooking pot

Here there's a lot of sun
A lot of beaches
A lot of waves
Here everything is molasses
Nothing is pangola
I will paint the beach for you
Crayola blue
We're leaving
We're going
We're leaving
In a yola (small boat)
And if there's no yola
We will keep it rolling
So that
So that
You will see how your tail floats

When I saw you I felt a lof of tickling
It was like having
forty ants
scratching my belly
You know, you know, you know
You're so fine
You took my pants, you thief
Let's spread ourselves into a tortilla

Let's make coconut pudding mixed with custard
I will eat your wood
Even with termites

She eeee eee
She eee she
She eee ee
She eee shee

I want to see
The whole giraffe
I want it to kick me
See who can get away
Stirring the batter
I want four cups
of carrots with pumpkins
You take me
Flying through the countryside
Off the floor
Walking on stilts
With a patanco basket
To walk over the ships
Until I get your mountain range
The one who heals me
There are rumors going around
That you are
The luck of all colours
A garden full of beans
Lots of necklaces adorned with seashells
Your name came out in the three cards
The stars told me
To dive in
To the bottom with no flippers
To go on the trip
With no suitcase
To go the whole way round
the planet
in a matress
Lift up
Lift up
Lift up
Your shoe soles
Lets coil the washer disk
Gimme, gimme, gimme
a bit of nutella
With you I'll go solo
a capella

There you go. I'd like to hear your opinion. For me reggaeton is something that I have to constantly listen to (against my will) and don't really appreciate.
It would be interesting to know what you think about this one.
In my opinion, I wouldnt mind being whoever this song was written about. And the video is beautiful too.


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B.B. dijo...

Though I haven't heard much, Reggaeton has always seemed a bit too persistent and static for my tastes. This, though, is lyrical, sweet, playful, roving. I like it.

Anónimo dijo...

I like the lyrics

katrina dijo...

i really like your new blog :)

Eleh dijo...

im not that keen on reggaeton but i must say that i like this video!