domingo, 12 de octubre de 2008

(bunny suicides)

Cute and creepy - I've got to admit it, it's (for me) a winning combination. 
And this becomes pretty obvious when looking at the work of artist Andy Riley.

I discovered him very recently, when my best friend brough back as a present from her NY trip an adorable 2009 Bunny Suicides Calendar. It's a present that's actually connected to the big and misterious planes I keep talking about.... 

Oh... these little bunnies don't want to live at all. 
You can see more naughty cuteness here Have fun.

(my new - and upgraded - camera arrives on wednesday so I'll be able to have outfit photos again, I can't wait). 

I'm going back to my essay on Lacan and Zizek but thought this was a pretty nice post to lighten up before burying my head again in the Imaginary and the Object of Desire. 

7 comentarios:

Romeika dijo...

Soooo cute, but indeed, not nice what they're doing! haha

ryan manning dijo...

ultimately life-affirming

The Clothes Horse dijo...

These are so funny. I like how you have to look past the fact that it is a cartoon bunny and really see what they're doing.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder dijo...

i really like these images!!
you blog is sooo cute, i love it!!

Chic Looks dijo...

this is really cute, I like the way their cuteness overshadows their naughty act

Mila dijo...

haha, funny indeed.
But sad also...i can't deny i love animals so much that this can't make me laugh out loud.. ;)

Hope you're fine deary!!

Caroline dijo...

I've long been a fan of the bunny suicides...even if they are a bit disturbing.