martes, 19 de enero de 2010

(rusty visuals)

Bits and pieces from my holiday trip to America. The films got a bit messed up by the guys that usually develop them... I'm never taking anything back there again (and might actually try and complain to get my money back!), but I have to admit I kind of like the weird colors, dirty images and overall crappy feeling of these photos.






6 comentarios:

Kennedy dijo...

these photos are so dreamy! i love them all, and i love your blog! so beautiful <3

Luna Supernova dijo...

they're all so beautifully candid!

Katie dijo...

You are so pretty. I love your blog too. I am into photography as well. You are so talented at it. I really love all these photos. The 2nd one and the fifth ones are so cute. Who is the boy??
I am from New Zealand. Where are you from??
Thank u for commenting on my blog. I am definetely following yours.

Lori dijo...

these photos are soo pretty, i love the lighting!

Faridah dijo...

I love the result of film, always. Especially when it's not quite perfect, that's the charm of it. These are no exception. Gorgeous photos!

Jess dijo...

the distorted colours make them all the more interesting though methinks :)