domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009


While I have always defined myself as a "winter person", I cannot help but to find summer mornings beautiful. Light is everywhere and, even if in the darkest mood, you can't help but wanting to go outside.

Winter will soon be arriving, and my daily activities will change. From riding my bike in the sun and having fresh fruit juice for breakfast, to knitting and drinking hot chocolate before going to bed. But for the time being... I'm enjoying what summer still has to offer!



I have been wearing this dress a lot this summer. I usually never wear white but the cute pockets and child-like shape of this dress really captured me...



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Anónimo dijo...

oh i love the glasses...:)
i gave you an award by the way:)

Rita dijo...

A veces se me olvida que cuando aquí todavía es invierno, por allá en el sur es verano... Yo también prefiero el invierno, pero este ha sido tan terriblemente largo y gris, que definitivamente no puedo esperar más por la primavera.

Lindas fotos.

Hippiegirl dijo...

these pictures are so beautiful and so full of summer :) love them!!!

(and of course i'm jealous!!!)

S.Elisabeth dijo...

Wow. It's warm there, and it looks pretty. Can we switch places? Cause it's kinda cold here. And it looks so sunny there.
And I love your sunglasses! I think I'm buying a pair the next time I go the outlets.

Lara Natascha dijo...

great pics!

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Pretty dress. I am a summer person through and through...I still wonder why I chose a college in such a cold place!

Pretty Little Pictures dijo...

Lovely Photos :)

Madeline dijo...

what a beautiful dress. It looks sooo warm

Emily Anne dijo...

These pictures are amazing! You look gorgeous, really!!


Mila dijo...

Beautiful! <3

I'm jealous.

Mila x