martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

(if you happen to be in Lima...)


I seriously doubt having any regular readers in Peru, but in case I'm wrong.....

drop by tonight and say hi!

I'm the guest (laptop) dj for the night. 

6 comentarios:

brooke dijo...

wow, have fun! that sounds awesome :)

thankyou so much for your comment :)

brooke xx

Emily Anne dijo...

have fun...totally jealous.

and thanks for the comment. it made me laugh. xoxo

Geraldine dijo...

I'm from Peru and have an apartment there! Do you have chictopia?

Romeika dijo...

That's so cool, Jimena! Maybe it'll be a video for us here later?:-)

I love your dress and sunglasses in this pic, btw.

Mila dijo...

Hell, i wish i was in Lima!

Good luck!


Ziling dijo...

I love your sunglasses! Have fun anyway hun!